Marketing Automation Meets Analytics & Walk-In Attribution

RoiQ™ is an Automotive CDP (Customer Data Platform) which provides your dealership with a holistic view of every customer engaging with your website, marketing or in your database. RoiQ is powerful, leveraging the data derived from billions of daily events to fuel the Marketing Automation, Analytics & Attribution components of the platform (Including Walk-in Tracking). RoiQ provides Automotive Dealerships, Tier II Adgroups & OEMs with the ability to measure, target and build ads dynamically across every medium. All at the push of a button while capturing every impression served, auction request received and determining the ROI of AdSpends tied to vendor performance across all digital campaigns. RoiQ™ answers with an industry 1st Sales Match – which advertising contributed to each vehicle sold. Establishing “commonality” across your consumers online path to purchase in your dealership’s AOI/DMA/PMAs – Eliminating waste.

By leveraging Impression/auction level data to power RoiQ’s sales match capabilities, RoiQ provides your dealership’s decision makers with which vendor ad dollars drove new dealership customers. Determining if local shoppers bought or serviced with your dealership, or a competitor. This enables the dealer to determine true closing ratios, ROI and lost opportunities, not rely on what is often misreported in the CRM.

Just as important as validating the data input into your CRM is properly managing the phone calls to your dealership. The Twilio powered CalleriQ a “value added tool” tracks every caller and provides dealerships with their automotive related browsing behavior (on your website and across the web). CalleriQ records and transcribes every call while detailing which marketing efforts contributed to each vehicle sold – Caller Attribution.

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